Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The New Age, Crystals, Ascension, 2012 etc...

In 2006 I was promoting my new private massage therapy practice by giving chair massage at Richmond's own homegrown health food store, Ellwood Thompson's.    One of these days a woman named Jackie sat down in my chair for a little work.   Her back was in spasm and I asked her why she thought her back was so tense.  She told me that she had been stuck at O'Hare airport for seven hours while her recent return flight to Richmond was delayed in Chicago.  I focused into what I was doing, exhaling through my heart and hands.  After a few minutes she spoke up and told me the REAL reason why she thought her back hurt.

Apparently Jackie was working on sprouting wings.  Without missing a beat I encouraged her to keep it up! Before too long she would never have to worry about being stuck in an airport again.  Jackie thought that was hilarious and so she opened up quite a lot more and started to school me on 2012 and Ascension, something I had not yet heard of.

She said that I would have to become a vegetarian or else I wouldn't be able to live after 2012 in the "new vibration".   She asked me if I had any Arkansas Quartz crystal, I did not.  "Arkansas Quartz crystal is the best clear quartz you can get.  It vibrates at a particularly high frequency and amplifies your energy.  You should take baths with Arkansas quartz and put it in your massage room."  She reached into her purse and produced a two-inch long quartz point which she presented to me as a gift.
She instructed me to carry it in my pocket.

I graciously accepted the crystal as it was shiny and pretty but I didn't put much stock into the knowledge Jackie was dropping.  Even though we connected on some level, she seemed a bit um, crazy.  The crystal ended up in a plant and there it stayed until the autumn of 2010.  There is something about a Kundalini Awakening energy surge that can kinda rearrange one's thinking... I started carrying that crystal in my pocket just incase, I needed all the help I could get!

So here we are, December 21, 2012, the long fabled date has come and gone without notable incident heralding an ending and new beginning.   Gauging by the variety of facebook posts on the subject of the "End of the World" it is obvious that one hurdle a lot of people have in understanding the 2012 shift is a simple misunderstanding of what words actually mean.  "Apocalypse" refers to the End Times described in the Book Of Revelations and has nothing to do with the end of the Mayan calendar,
2012 was never about The Apocalypse.

Honestly, I have no idea of the origins of the 2012 Ascension and how the Mayan calendar and the New Age are tied together.   There is a lot of talk in the New Age community about channeled messages from benevolent extra terrestrials that describe the supposed changes our planet and species are experiencing.  They describe a raising in vibration and subsequent Ascension into another dimension and the "end of duality" which is the inherent nature of life on Earth.  (For those who don't know, duality is the oppositional quality of everything here on Earth: good/bad, light/dark , etc.)   Personally, I haven't communicated with any extra terrestrials, so while the stories are nice to read and may provide hope to their audience,  I just can't believe in E.T.s but I will do my best to remain open to the possibility of their existence until proven otherwise.   I wouldn't want to miss out on something so amazing due to rigid and inflexible thinking.

I know that I have experienced a radical transformation over the last two and a half years.   Even though I had an intellectual understanding of emotional energy being stored in the body and I even had some amazing experiences of releasing that energy with Jin Shin Do, there was (and still is some) a lot to release.  It wasn't until I was well into my Kundalini Awakening that I began to let go of even more of that held energy in an effort to save my life.  I'm not being melodramatic when I say that holding and generating negative emotional energy almost killed me.

You see, the thing is we have a choice. In every moment of our lives we make choices to expand or contract;  to open our hearts and minds to flexibility, forgiveness and compassion or to shrink up in defensiveness, reinforcing hardened ideas and emotions and thereby further separating one's self from the rest of the world.   That is the lesson of the "New Age".  It's a time when humans become awakened to their power and make best choices for themselves and others in the effort to spread the joy we feel in expansion and I think it is just a natural evolution of our species rather than an Earth changing cataclysm.  What will you choose?


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Karma Tornado

The day after the Big Event instead of finding myself feeling elated and joyful, I felt awful.

 I left my apartment to met up with a friend for lunch.  It wasn't until I was out and about that strange and interesting happenings began to occur in rapid succession.  I guess you could call it extreme synchronicity.  I found myself running into people who I hadn't seen in years and a lot of these folks there was some lingering negativity left over from some previous unskillful interaction.    In a state of grace, I let my heart soften to all of these people just so naturally.  I didn't care to hold a grudge.  Along with these interesting meetings came intense waves of energy through my body or a numbing effect. Like my head would get super tingly or my left arm would go numb right before something odd was about to happen.   I made a joke that I was experiencing a "Karma Tornado"  only later understanding that yes, that was exactly what was happening... I also found myself just knowing things that I shouldn't know.  My life just went on like that for about two weeks.

The intensity died down and it seemed like life was getting back to what I had previously known as Normal.   Actually my Kundalini Awakening was just getting started.   Normal was now completely redefined.  I had embarked on a long strange trip, one that would activate and purify my chakras.  No longer would "Chakra" be a concept that I had only a vague intellectual understanding of,  I now had real life experiential relationship with my chakras in my physical body.  I didn't have a map of how a Kundalini Awakening would unfold, I had to figure it out with my own wily wit and admittedly, I wasn't always in full possession of my that...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Worth Mentioning

I am writing this blog some two years on the other side of a mystical experience that dramatically changed my life.  Before I go forward and explain to you how Kundalini transformed me,  I think I should fill in a few details.

Om Namah Shivaya Om  (AUM NA MA SHEE VAI YA AUM).  "Greeting and Salutations to all that which I am capable of becoming."  I started to chant this mantra to Shiva, God of Transformation in earnest during the twixting phase.  I needed transformation.

By no means am I a religious scholar.  Everything I know about Hinduism, I learned via Google... or "The Oracle" as I like to call it.   I wasn't a religious or devotional person either.  I did not yet understand how the mind worked and how it literally creates reality.  I wasn't awakened, basically.  I was still stuck in the dream and the lie of the "real world", which I found out is actually the Fake World and that the Real World is one where everything is energy and everything is connected and the choices that we make create ripples in the endless energy matrix that is our Earth, everything on the Earth and I assume everything else that exists beyond our planet.

I really had no idea that I could actually connect with a spiritual deity.   I had never really tried because I wasn't raised in a household that prayed to any god.  I considered myself an atheist, I didn't know that God is real or even what God actually is!  In hindsight, I see the magic weaving through my history   but because I had yet to awaken, I overlooked so much.  I was a Bobble-head too!

I didn't even know that Shiva is related to Kundalini and I really didn't know what Kundalini was either other than that it was a "psycho-spiritual force that lies dormant at the base of the spine, like a serpent..."  I'm sure I had skimmed over some literature about Kundalini but it was far from understood nor did I posses the scholarly knowledge that linked many ideas and concepts.  My Kundalini awakening unfolded with all of the right characters and happenings though despite my lack of prior awareness.   It's amazing to me how many omens I under valued or just plain didn't understand that occurred in the years leading up to the Big Event.

For instance, during one of the Jin Shin Do sessions I received in Richmond before attending the training, I came in contact with a snake...

During the session I became uncomfortable as there was a tremendous amount of energy pooling in the point over the articulation of my jawbone to my skull on the left side of my face.  I opened my mouth wide to try to work it out and in that moment a spontaneous image appeared in my mind.   A close-up of a venomous snake eye that quickly panned out to show all of the snake and also a desert scene.  Blue sky, a soaring bird and just absolute silence.  I didn't know it then but I was seeing Joshua Tree National Park, a place I had never been before and a place I didn't know I would soon be visiting as it turns out to be not very far from Iona's ranch.

I remember an afternoon during the twixt when I found two cast concrete coiled serpent garden sculptures in the garbage behind my friend's apartment.   At first glance I was startled! I took the casts home and placed them in the outer corners of my garden, tucked into the annual flower border.

After the thirty days I spent in California at the JSD training I experienced a number of shifts including the beginning of extremely vivid dreams.  Snakes were springing out of potted plants! I mentioned it to a client that I was dreaming of jumping snakes and she told me that snakes were a symbol of transformation which was the first I had heard, I had heretofore associated snakes with the Christian mythology of evil.  I believe after that I did some googling and read an explanation of Kundalini but it didn't make much sense to me because all of the sanskrit was confusing and it seemed like the author of the article was proposing that Kundalini would only rise in certain circumstances and that it required a lot of meditation and yoga practice to wake the snake.   So, I figger'd it weren't fer me...

Also worth mentioning is that I wasn't even consciously aware of how much work I was actually doing to raise Kundalini.  In the week leading up to the big burst I had been hula hooping like mad to a lively raja produced by the Osho Foundation called Kundalini Meditation.  I had also been to see my acupuncturist who I had been working with consistently for a year.  Between visits I had a birthday so to celebrate she burned five giant moxa cones in my belly button.  I also worked on myself with acupoints, using a Belt and Penetrating Vessel Release pattern created by Iona Marsaa Teegaurden.  The pattern starts at the inside of the feet, up the inside of the legs and then uses points  ascending the center of the body to the top of the head.  The pattern influences the blood and therefore all Chi and I think I may have applied it several days in a row.  It wasn't just the product that created this magical happening after all.   I guess I was really asking for it,  not really knowing what it actually was.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shiva, meet Shakti...

So on this fateful day, October 14, 2010,  I found myself at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts during my lunch break.   I was really hungry but couldn't eat much on account of the extremely perturbed emotional state I was experiencing.  I recall being in the Best Cafe and it seemed like I must be invisible to everyone around me,  it was as if the general rules of personal space were not applicable on this day.  I could feel my energy field most acutely and it felt like I was a porcupine in a hyper-state of agitation.  It was difficult to contain the tears that wanted to burst out of my eyes, my heart was weeping inside.

After lunch I went upstairs to the East Asian Art wing and sat down in front of a beautiful statue of a Dancing Shiva.   Let me take a moment to share a bit about my relationship with Shiva, Hindu God of Transformation...

For some inexplicable reason I have been drawn to Shiva since age 21.  I am not religious at all,  I considered myself an atheist.  My parents had been involved in a controversial religion and because of my upbringing I was a hard line PROVE IT TO ME kind of gal.  I didn't have beliefs, I had experiences.  Until I experienced something I tried to be open the possibilities.  I recognized the difference between skepticism and cynicism but up until this point I only had an intellectual understanding of God, Oneness, Unending Now , etc.  I was about to have an experience that would once again dramatically shift my perception of reality.

So there I sat before Shiva at the VMFA and I decided that today would be a good day to listen to for the first time the Awakening Kundalini meditation track created by Kelly Howell at that I had loaded onto my ipod weeks ago.  This guided meditation contained lovely music, breathing techniques and theta wave frequencies.   Within ten minutes of listening to the track, I began to feel my body soften and relax and my mind settle down a bit.  I was getting really good results and this was the very first time I had used a Brainsync product.

My reverie was short lived because a maintenance worker came up right behind me and despite the fact that I was sitting there in a proper meditation pose with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, this guy had some work to do and so within about a foot and a half of my body he fired up a drill.   The angry feelings returned instantly.  I grabbed my purse and ran out of there in a huff escaping to a quiet lounge off of the wing.   I took a moment to regain composure and to my surprise I found myself feeling good humored about the invasion of my solitude.  This may have been the first time I realized that everything is perfect...

I went back to work to do a 90 minute session.  Something was different in my body.  Usually I flow like water, both active and passive but during this session I felt like a tree.   My body was much more solid feeling.   My client noted a difference in my performance.    I made it through the session and felt relieved that I would soon get to go home and rest after a stressful day.

At home I made dinner and tidied up a bit around my place.  I started to notice an interesting sensation in my lower abdomen,  it was a tingly warmth.  When I focused my attention on it directly it seemed to subside.  I went on about my business keeping it in my periphery, excited to see where this might lead.  The energy continued to build.

Whatever was going on inside of me, and it was inside of me not on the surface of my skin, grew in size and intensity.  Before too long, maybe an hour, this intense energy, unlike any energy I had ever experienced, was on an upward trajectory through the core of my body.  On that rise it became stuck underneath my left ribcage, creating a significant amount of pain in my body and chaos in my mind and emotional state.  A wise and knowing part of myself instructed me to go lay down in my bed and hold acupressure points.  The fearful and terrorized part of me questioned if I even knew the correct points to hold.  The wise and knowing part of myself reassured the fearful and terrorized part of me that of course I did.

It wasn't that complicated, really.  I crawled into my big, comfy bed and held the Grand Luo points on both sides of my body and began to practice Hara Breathing.  A Luo point is an acu-point that disperses energy, there are Luo points on every meridian.  The Grand Luo, on the spleen meridian, disperses energy in the whole system.  Hara breathing is a basic Toaist technique that pulls breath/energy in through the nose, down into the belly (Hara) and it is a crucial element of my Jin Shin Do training.  Within ten minutes I passed out into a deep sleep.

Two hours later I woke from a dreamless sleep.  The energy, no longer stuck under my rib cage had returned to center.  I felt calm.  The pain had transformed into a pleasant buzzing sensation.  I sat in my bed and I intuitively knew to hold points along the central and conception vessels, up the center of the front of the body and points between vertebra on the back.  I sat in my bed holding points, helping this energy raise up,  knowing that I was having a very special experience.

Around midnight the energy exited through the top of my head.  I felt calm, peaceful, good- humored and completely relaxed regarding all of the problems that had me feeling like such garbage earlier in the day.  I opened my computer and saw that my friend Georgia was online.  How perfect.

 Georgia, a yogi,  had a mystical energy experience in India a few years ago.  People in her life at the time told her it was Kundalini rising and discouraged her from working with it.  Turns out a lot of people are afraid of Kundalini.   We chatted a bit about what had just happened.

That night I slept soundly and had a vivid dream.  I was making my way alone through a Fun House.  Through a hall of mirrors, a haunted house and the Tunnel of Love, I emerged into an opening and there before me on a platform stood 6 shadowy figures of staggering height.  I knew that these figures were my guides.  I expressed my excitement to them about what I had experienced and asked how long will this be going on?   My guides directed my attention to another carnival game, the one where you try to hit the target as hard as possible with a sledge hammer to dig a bell.   The "dinger" shot up like a rocket to ring the alarm and when it struck, fireworks went off spelling out for me  in glittering silver light  ****2012!!!****.      ...