Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Karma Tornado

Photography by Emilie Rudy

The day after the Big Event instead of finding myself feeling elated and joyful, I felt awful.  I looked at the mold on the ceiling, I thought about my degrading work situation and I wondered just what the hell am I doing here in Richmond, Virginia anyway!?!?  I called my friend Jillian to discuss.

Jillian is the right kinda girl to call when you're thinking about making a big leap.  In 2005 she sold most of her stuff and bought a one-way ticket to India.  And just a few years before that she again sold most of her stuff and moved across the country with her then boyfriend.  Jillian is a whimsical person and she inspired me to wear bright colors rather than the earth tones I was accustomed to.  If not for Jillian's enthusiasm to GO FOR IT,  I would have never followed through with making giant adult sized hula hoops, it would have remained in my notebook full of good ideas.  So I called her up and we talked about maybe heading out to California to study with Iona for a while.  That idea never panned out because a few weeks later, at around five in the morning, I got a text from Jillian letting me know that she had gotten married.  I didn't even know she had a boyfriend...!

After chatting with Jillian I left my apartment to met up with a friend for lunch.  It wasn't until I was out and about that strange and interesting happenings began to occur in rapid succession.  I guess you could call it extreme synchronicity.  I found myself running into people who I hadn't seen in years and a lot of these folks there was some lingering negativity left over from some previous unskillful interaction.    In a state of grace, I let my heart soften to all of these people just so naturally.  I didn't care to hold a grudge.  Along with these interesting meetings came intense waves of energy through my body or a numbing effect. Like my head would get super tingly or my left arm would go numb right before something odd was about to happen.   I made a joke that I was experiencing a "Karma Tornado"  only later understanding that yes, that was exactly what was happening... I also found myself just knowing things that I shouldn't know.  For instance, I knew I was going to be in car accident.

It was 6am and I was on my way to the river with my dog, Henry.  My ex-boyfriend's house is tucked inside a nature preserve and public park.   Several miles of well kept trails wind through a forest, meadow, pond and along the James River, The King's River as it once was called by the Powhattan band of Algonquin Indians as well as the early English settlers, referring to two very different Kings of course.    When I lived in the house with him, I walked those trails every day with Henry, The Prince of the Wetlands, a title befitting of this very fine yellow Labrador specimen.  I was on my way there to do some chi flow exercises and to return Henry to my ex after our weekend together.    Something inside of me just knew that I was about to be rear-ended.

WHAM.  I was the first car stopped at a stoplight at the intersection of Jahke and Forest Hill Avenue. Henry fell down to the floor of the back seat as my vehicle lurched forward into the intersection.   With luck the intersecting traffic had yet to start rolling and so I was able to recover rather quickly without further collision.   A bit discombobulated, I got out of my car to see what had happened.  My first inclination was to be PISSED at the driver who caused this wreck.  It was actually the car behind me that had been rear-ended and absorbed most of the impact, my bumper was crushed but the car behind me was totaled.  A few deep breaths and I was able to shift out of my angry reaction and into a mode of crisis intervention.  Luckily no one was seriously injured, turns out the driver of the offending vehicle had dropped his cell phone and was reaching for it when the collision occurred.

This was the kind of scenario that could go horribly wrong for all the wrong reasons.  If any of us there had let our attachment to personal property and our schedules get in the way of being decent human beings, it could have gotten very Jerry Springer, very fast.  An already chaotic scene was tempered and soothed by my willingness to squash the drama and have compassion.  Of course the whole shebang was laden with even more odd and interesting synchronicity...     My life just went on like that for about two weeks.

The intensity died down and it seemed like life was getting back to what I had previously known as Normal.   Actually my Kundalini Awakening was just getting started.   Normal was now completely redefined.  I had embarked on a long strange trip, one that would activate and purify my chakras.  No longer would "Chakra" be a concept that I had only a vague intellectual understanding of,  I now had real life experiential relationship with my chakras in my physical body.  I didn't have a map of how a Kundalini Awakening would unfold, I had to figure it out with my own wily wit and admittedly, I wasn't always in full possession of my that...

I could write AN ENCYCLOPEDIA about the lessons I have learned (still learning) about myself and my personal karma, karma in general, compassion, love, free will, the mind/body connection, expansion and contraction...  Light and Dark.  Good and Evil.  Fear and Trust.  Duality, Mother Earth and the true power of humanity.  Through willingness to change and face my own phoniness,  I  am reclaiming my original nature as a powerful Light Bearer of Love and I am developing methods for others to do so if they so choose.  

If the end result sounds good to you get started by bringing your awareness to your body, get in your body!   The rest will fall into place, (PAY ATTENTION!)  in perfect order, with your own special "flavor".  My spiritual awakening probably tastes a lot like Chai, Curry, nectar, sunshine, blood, feces and dirt...  Its like one of those "Blizzard" concoctions.  Hey, I have to be completely honest here, if you are going through a spiritual awakening, it is very likely that you will occasionally eat shit but that the next sip will taste better and then you'll eat shit again.  And then you'll sip honey.  And then more shit.  Bon Appetit!    

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Worth Mentioning

I am writing this blog some two years on the other side of a mystical experience that dramatically changed my life.  Before I go forward and explain to you how Kundalini transformed me,  I think I should fill in a few details.

Om Namah Shivaya Om  (AUM NA MA SHEE VAI YA AUM).  "Greeting and Salutations to all that which I am capable of becoming."  I started to chant this mantra to Shiva, God of Transformation in earnest during the twixting phase.  I needed transformation.

By no means am I a religious scholar.  Everything I know about Hinduism, I learned via Google... or "The Oracle" as I like to call it.   I wasn't a religious or devotional person either.  I did not yet understand how the mind worked and how it literally creates reality.  I wasn't awakened, basically.  I was still stuck in the dream and the lie of the "real world", which I found out is actually the Fake World and that the Real World is one where everything is energy and everything is connected and the choices that we make create ripples in the endless energy matrix that is our Earth, everything on the Earth and I assume everything else that exists beyond our planet.

I really had no idea that I could actually connect with a spiritual deity.   I had never really tried because I wasn't raised in a household that prayed to any god.  I considered myself an atheist, I didn't know that God is real or even what God actually is!  In hindsight, I see the magic weaving through my history   but because I had yet to awaken, I overlooked so much.  I was a Bobble-head too!

I didn't even know that Shiva is related to Kundalini and I really didn't know what Kundalini was either other than that it was a "psycho-spiritual force that lies dormant at the base of the spine, like a serpent..."  I'm sure I had skimmed over some literature about Kundalini but it was far from understood nor did I posses the scholarly knowledge that linked many ideas and concepts.  My Kundalini awakening unfolded with all of the right characters and happenings though despite my lack of prior awareness.   It's amazing to me how many omens I under valued or just plain didn't understand that occurred in the years leading up to the Big Event.

For instance, during one of the Jin Shin Do sessions I received in Richmond before attending the training, I came in contact with a snake.  During the session I became uncomfortable as there was a tremendous amount of energy pooling in the point over the articulation of my jawbone to my skull on the left side of my face.  I opened my mouth wide to try to work it out and in that moment a spontaneous image appeared in my mind.   A close-up of a venomous snake eye that quickly panned out to show all of the snake and also a desert scene.  Blue sky, a soaring bird and just absolute silence.
I didn't know it then but I was seeing Joshua Tree National Park, a place I had never been before and a place I didn't know I would soon be visiting as it turns out to be not very far from Iona's ranch.

I remember an afternoon during the twixt when I found two cast concrete coiled serpent garden sculptures in the garbage behind my friend's apartment.   At first glance I was startled! I took the casts home and placed them in the outer corners of my garden, tucked into the annual flower border.

After the thirty days I spent in California at the JSD training I experienced a number of shifts including the beginning of extremely vivid dreams.  Snakes were springing out of potted plants! I mentioned it to a client that I was dreaming of jumping snakes and she told me that snakes were a symbol of transformation which was the first I had heard, I had heretofore associated snakes with the Christian mythology of evil.  I believe after that I did some googling and read an explanation of Kundalini but it didn't make much sense to me because all of the sanskrit was confusing and it seemed like the author of the article was proposing that Kundalini would only rise in certain circumstances and that it required a lot of meditation and yoga practice to wake the snake.   So, I figger'd it weren't fer me...

Also worth mentioning is that I wasn't even consciously aware of how much work I was actually doing to raise Kundalini.  In the week leading up to the big burst I had been hula hooping like mad to a lively raja produced by the Osho Foundation called Kundalini Meditation.  I had also been to see my acupuncturist who I had been working with consistently for a year.  Between visits I had a birthday so to celebrate she burned five giant moxa cones in my belly button.  I also worked on myself with acupoints, using a Belt and Penetrating Vessel Release pattern created by Iona Marsaa Teegaurden.  The pattern started at the inside of the feet, worked up the inside of the legs and then used points up the center of the body to the top of the head.  The pattern influences the blood and therefore all Chi and I think I may have applied it several days in a row.  It wasn't just the product that created this magical happening after all.   I guess I was really asking for it,  not really knowing what it actually was.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shiva, meet Shakti...

So on this fateful day, October 14, 2010,  I found myself at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts during my lunch break.   I was really hungry but couldn't eat much on account of the extremely perturbed emotional state I was experiencing.  I recall being in the Best Cafe and it seemed like I must be invisible to everyone around me,  it was as if the general rules of personal space were not applicable on this day.  I could feel my energy field most acutely and it felt like I was a porcupine in a hyper-state of agitation.  It was difficult to contain the tears that wanted to burst out of my eyes, my heart was weeping inside.

After lunch I went upstairs to the East Asian Art wing and sat down in front of a beautiful statue of a Dancing Shiva.   Let me take a moment to share a bit about my relationship with Shiva, Hindu God of Transformation...

For some inexplicable reason I have been drawn to Shiva since age 21.  I am not religious at all,  I considered myself an atheist.  My parents had been involved in a controversial religion and because of my upbringing I was a hard line PROVE IT TO ME kind of gal.  I didn't have beliefs, I had experiences.  Until I experienced something I tried to be open the possibilities.  I recognized the difference between skepticism and cynicism but up until this point I only had an intellectual understanding of God, Oneness, Unending Now , etc.  I was about to have an experience that would once again dramatically shift my perception of reality.

So there I sat before Shiva at the VMFA and I decided that today would be a good day to listen to for the first time the Awakening Kundalini meditation track created by Kelly Howell at that I had loaded onto my ipod weeks ago.  This guided meditation contained lovely music, breathing techniques and theta wave frequencies.   Within ten minutes of listening to the track, I began to feel my body soften and relax and my mind settle down a bit.  I was getting really good results and this was the very first time I had used a Brainsync product.

My reverie was short lived because a maintenance worker came up right behind me and despite the fact that I was sitting there in a proper meditation pose with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, this guy had some work to do and so within about a foot and a half of my body he fired up a drill.   The angry feelings returned instantly.  I grabbed my purse and ran out of there in a huff escaping to a quiet lounge off of the wing.   I took a moment to regain composure and to my surprise I found myself feeling good humored about the invasion of my solitude.  This may have been the first time I realized that everything is perfect...

I went back to work to do a 90 minute session.  Something was different in my body.  Usually I flow like water, both active and passive but during this session I felt like a tree.   My body was much more solid feeling.   My client noted a difference in my performance.    I made it through the session and felt relieved that I would soon get to go home and rest after a stressful day.

At home I made dinner and tidied up a bit around my place.  I started to notice an interesting sensation in my lower abdomen,  it was a tingly warmth.  When I focused my attention on it directly it seemed to subside.  I went on about my business keeping it in my periphery, excited to see where this might lead.  The energy continued to build.

Whatever was going on inside of me, and it was inside of me not on the surface of my skin, grew in size and intensity.  Before too long, maybe an hour, this intense energy, unlike any energy I had ever experienced, was on an upward trajectory through the core of my body.  On that rise it became stuck underneath my left ribcage, creating a significant amount of pain in my body and chaos in my mind and emotional state.  A wise and knowing part of myself instructed me to go lay down in my bed and hold acupressure points.  The fearful and terrorized part of me questioned if I even knew the correct points to hold.  The wise and knowing part of myself reassured the fearful and terrorized part of me that of course I did.

It wasn't that complicated, really.  I crawled into my big, comfy bed and held the Grand Luo points on both sides of my body and began to practice Hara Breathing.  A Luo point is an acu-point that disperses energy, there are Luo points on every meridian.  The Grand Luo, on the spleen meridian, disperses energy in the whole system.  Hara breathing is a basic Toaist technique that pulls breath/energy in through the nose, down into the belly (Hara) and it is a crucial element of my Jin Shin Do training.  Within ten minutes I passed out into a deep sleep.

Two hours later I woke from a dreamless sleep.  The energy, no longer stuck under my rib cage had returned to center.  I felt calm.  The pain had transformed into a pleasant buzzing sensation.  I sat in my bed and I intuitively knew to hold points along the central and conception vessels, up the center of the front of the body and points between vertebra on the back.  I sat in my bed holding points, helping this energy raise up,  knowing that I was having a very special experience.

Around midnight the energy exited through the top of my head.  I felt calm, peaceful, good- humored and completely relaxed regarding all of the problems that had me feeling like such garbage earlier in the day.  I opened my computer and saw that my friend Georgia was online.  How perfect.

 Georgia, a yogi,  had a mystical energy experience in India a few years ago.  People in her life at the time told her it was Kundalini rising and discouraged her from working with it.  Turns out a lot of people are afraid of Kundalini.   We chatted a bit about what had just happened.

That night I slept soundly and had a vivid dream.  I was making my way alone through a Fun House.  Through a hall of mirrors, a haunted house and the Tunnel of Love, I emerged into an opening and there before me on a platform stood 6 shadowy figures of staggering height.  I knew that these figures were my guides.  I expressed my excitement to them about what I had experienced and asked how long will this be going on?   My guides directed my attention to another carnival game, the one where you try to hit the target as hard as possible with a sledge hammer to dig a bell.   The "dinger" shot up like a rocket to ring the alarm and when it struck, fireworks went off spelling out for me  in glittering silver light  ****2012!!!****.      Ha! Naturally...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twixting, Twixting, 1, 2, 3

I really had no choice but to end my relationship and move on without him.   My hairstylist, who had been recently separated, told me about the brand new loft apartments she had moved to.  New Manchester Flats down in the Abandoned Industrial Warehouse section of Richmond, it sounded perrrrrfect for me.

One of the most depressing things about apartment hunting is how dirty and lived in everything is; NMF was a new "green" construction in an Up and Coming section of Richmond.  That's what everyone would say, "Ohhhh New Manchester? That's an up and coming neighborhood." Yeah, that's right.  It was still coming.   My building was phase one completed of a three phase VISION of Urban Habitat. New Manchester Flats was a "Lifestyle Center for the Creative Class."  Or something. That is what I thought I was getting myself into.

I moved my bed to my new place on August 31st.  That night I slept on his couch.  In the morning I took a shower and when I went out onto the deck to dry off, I was surprised to find there on this platform some 20 feet off the ground a perfectly intact, freshly shed, three foot long snake skin.
I thought it was an awesome confirmation from the _(Universe???)_ that I was on the right track.  I had no idea what sort of significance the snake would soon play in my life.

Six weeks of relative calm go by and in that space I learned to unwind.  It was weird not to have some long list of things to do for my now ex-partner. I kept finding myself getting up to take care of him.  It was a strange knot to untangle.  I slept in my big, temperpedic bed alone and planned how I was going to create my empire.  It was when I was finishing up the last bit of work I had promised to do for my ex that things started to get shady.

My dream apartment was turning into a nightmare.  This loft apartment may have come with a 40 inch flat screen, free basic cable and wifi but it also came with 3-dimensional mold and fungus growing on the ceiling,  dog owners who did not clean up after their dogs- inside and out of the building, gross! and loud and rowdy neighbors who were definitely smoking crack right next door.  The walls were so thin I could literally hear a fork, and knew it was a fork, drop in the sink in the still morning hours.

The same crack smoking neighbors also had a traumatized Labrador who would bark in defensive terror every time a train would go by which was quite frequent and very close,  I could throw a rock out my window and hit the train.  I could do that if my windows actually opened that is.  I  remember going over an exit strategy in my mind for escaping my high-end luxury cell in case of fire.  I would have to chop a hole in the paper thin dry wall to get into my crack cocaine using neighbor's unit that had a door that led to the courtyard.

The stress of the apartment situation was getting to me and so it didn't help when I showed up to work at the office I still shared with my ex-partner one morning mid-October to see that he had made an appointment on his calendar for dinner with a woman named Rebecca.   I truly didn't care if he was dating but I really didn't want or need to know anything about it.  Of course he probably didn't consider that I would see that appointment, even though our computers were synced.

There were some other bothersome dramas going on in my personal life and work space that were contributing to the way I felt on the morning of October 14, 2010 but I don't really want to go into the details for sake of brevity.  On this day I felt more angry than I have ever felt in my life, ever.

I still had to go to work and maintain a professional demeanor and hold space for my clients to heal.  It was difficult to hold back tears so I let myself have a few in  silence while my clients were laying face down.  Another interesting fact to note is that on this day, during the morning, I wrote the first page of my writing project.  It really wasn't any good on account of the angry feelings lacing my communication efforts. Regardless, it was an important step toward reclaiming my power.

To Be Continued...

Coming up: Shocked by Shakti... What does that mean? I will tell you...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Still In the Twitx

I have to go back and mention two very important discoveries that took place during this churning phase.  Experiments that took place and exposure to new technology created significant shifts in my perception of reality. One of those experiments took place at Nick's Deli in Richmond.

It was some time in the dead of winter.  A blustery day.  I was visiting a friend at his work space on Broad St.  We chatted a bit about how the weather was getting us down and would the sun just come out already and I felt myself feeling depressed.  We went across the street for a sandwich.

Something came over me, maybe that sunshine we had been nagging on, because I had an idea to see what would happen if I was just really super freaking nice to everyone in the shop.   By the time we left Nick's we were all having a great time together, just buying a sandwich.  And I felt better too. Much better.

In that instance I discovered two things. One is the fact of choice regarding my feelings.  I took action against depression and positively effected the way I felt.   My actions also changed the way other people felt and I realized just how important it was for peace on earth for people to actually give a scrap about being kind to each other. Positive energy begets more positive energy.  I became an agent of positive energy.

The second mind shift was due to being introduced to a type of technology called Brainwave Entrainment.    One of my guy's clients brought in something called a "Sound and Light Machine".  Picture a funny looking set of goggles and a walkman.  This thing was from the 80s.  The goggles flashed red LEDs on your closed eyes at a certain speed frequency as a means of stimulating the nervous system.  The wearer also listened on stereo headphones to sound waves flashing at a certain frequency.   We ended up buying a modern version with full color light spectrum goggles and an MP3 player with some tracks pre-loaded.

I remember the first time I tried The Laxman Sound and Light Machine.  Not knowing anything about it other than it was some kind of meditation device I went into it not understanding how it actually worked.  When one listens to sound waves at a certain frequency it is stimulating the nervous system, the same with whatever the eyes are seeing.  This device delivered precise neurological stimulation that caused my brain to transition into a state of deep relaxation which resulted in my endocrine system dosing my blood stream with feel good hormones.

 It was so profoundly effective.  I slipped into a little nap and enjoyed a vividly colored dream of me sliding down a giant mossy boulder.  When I woke up I read the instruction manual to discover that right there in plain english was a description of what I must have just experienced.  I swear I felt the hormones enter my blood stream.

Following that experience I got to thinking about how EVERYTHING we encounter is neurological stimulation and that our bodies are responding with endocrine hormones that were affecting the way that we think, feel and experience reality.   I started to rethink some of the choices I had been making.  I started to make choices that I had been just letting happen before, not realizing that I had a choice in the matter.  Again with the choices...

It's not just the music we listen to, things we see and eat or drink but the emotional interactions with others that is stimulating our nervous system and thereby squirting out a hormonal cocktail into our blood stream.  Makes me wonder what kinds of hormones are released when someone is a nasty to you and what kind are secreted when someone is caring.  Hmmmm.  Or what kinds of hormones are released into your blood stream when you're a jerk or loving? Yes, hmmmm.

The In Betwixt

When I got back to Virginia the seasons had changed.  I remember thinking that my yard was completely disorganized blanketed with fallen leaves.  I had told my boyfriend that I needed a week to rest from the intense experience at A Ranch. Too bad he had already scheduled a meeting with a new CPA so it was back to work right away.  I really just wanted to snuggle up in my bed and sleep for a week.

The Jin Shin Do training uncovered long suppressed emotions and desires.  I remembered that one of my key intentions for becoming a massage therapist was to be able to make enough money to support my artistic pursuits.  I knew I had to get back on track with honoring those deep yearnings.

I was in a long term relationship with a much older man.  We lived together, I managed his business and his personal finances and we shared an office space.  I was doing a lot of work to support someone else's dream and I was very unhappy with the arrangement.  It put a lot of stress on our romantic relationship. We basically didn't have one anymore.

We talked it over and tried to implement some changes.  We found a great young lady to take over the booking and basic office chores.  I was much happier and felt less burdened with my responsibilities lightened.  I put my attention on going back to school.

I applied to VCU's new Cinema department and worked in my garden a lot.  My boyfriend and I were growing further apart as his practice expanded exponentially and my focus was more on what I wanted and not what he wanted.  I didn't want to hear my inner voice telling me to leave him.  I wanted to think that if I could get into something that I was passionate about that our relationship would improve. I denied repeatedly what I knew to be true: that I wasn't in love with him and I felt like an indentured servant.   But he was my family and I was attached.

2010 began and while the situation at home and work had improved mildly, I still wasn't happy or feeling inspired to create.   I had not been accepted to VCU and while that was a huge blow to my heart and ego, I brushed it off reminding myself that I didn't need a degree to make art! But I did need a space to work in so I got busy on transforming the spare bedroom into a creative space.  I did everything I could do myself and all that reminded in the space were several boxes of my boyfriend's old books and tapes and some heavy pieces of furniture that I couldn't move.

It was August 2010 and I had been bugging my guy for a while now to clear out his stuff.  He was always too busy, too tired, he would do it later, it would take five minutes he said but he never took the time to actually follow through.  So this first week of August,  Mr. Too Busy took a week off from work and promised that he would get to his boxes and such.   Ironically he was enrolled in an Intro to Drawing class that was occupying half of his days off.  On the third day of listening to him talk about how happy he was to be drawing again I had had enough and pointed out that while I was really glad for him that he was enjoying his class, I was extremely frustrated that my needs were being ignored and put off.

I was shocked and FURIOUS when he responded by essentially throwing a temper tantrum, grabbing up the boxes and tossing them into our home office thereby completely cluttering up the space where I did his bookkeeping.   "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!" He shouted at me.  No. I was not. Not by a long shot.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Escape from Sage Mountain Continued

After the session I hiked off alone up the rest of Sage Mountain.   As I ascended, my head congestion began to shift and I could finally breathe through my nose again. By the time I reached the top of the hill I was completely clear. I sat down on a rock and made a phone call to my boyfriend back home in Virginia and did my best to explain what had just happened.

I think I slept pretty soundly that night, I don't remember. The next day I found myself holding back tears.  It was like a low grade fever of sadness running in my blood.   I didn't want to cry in front of my classmates, I was resisting what felt like a flood threatening to break the dam.  My mind wandered back to a time some 8 years ago when I looked up the word "emotion" in the dictionary.  It meant "Energy in motion."  I realized that I had to allow my sadness to come out, that this was energy that wanted to move and that by holding it back I was hurting myself.  I dropped my insecurity about being vulnerable and I let the tears roll down my cheeks in silence.

I cried for three days. Gentle, easy flowing like a wound being drained.  One of my classmates asked me if I was overwhelmed with all of the information being thrown at us. I was just 26 years old at the time of this training and I probably looked like I was 10 years younger.  I gathered that she wondered what I was doing there in the first place.  I explained to her that emotional energy was moving and that I just had to let it flow. And after those three days something amazing happened. I felt like a kid again.

The sadness was replaced with a deep, throbbing joy emanating from my heart.  I was clear in my mind and my body felt renewed.   Before this experience my legs felt like logs, but now I had tremendous energy to move my body and I would break into a run from stillness and could sustain it for a mile with no problem.  I felt like myself again. I felt that same feeling of excited optimism about the future that had left me all those years ago when my father became ill.

Just like the topic of my father's death, I could write a whole book about what happened out there at A-Ranch but out of respect for the privacy of my fellow classmates and teacher I wont go there now.  I will say this: It was a magical experience. I felt like we had been a part of some grand cosmic experiment because every student at that 30 day training had something special to offer to each other that was a catalyst for profound healing and I am deeply grateful for the experience.   Jin Shin Do changed my life for the better and it opened my mind to the infinite possibilities that exist here on Earth.